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IMPORTANT - please read below:

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee and participating providers are independent legal entities.  Listing in this directory shall not be construed or be deemed to create a relationship of employer and employee, principal and agent, partnership, joint venture, or relationship other than independent parties.

The information listed in this directory is subject to change.  As is the case with any directory, the listed providers' participation in the network is verifiable only up to the date the directory was updated.  Providers join as well as drop from the network.  In addition, hospital-based physicians are excluded from this directory due to their internal non-credentialed status. Credentialing of hospital-based physicians is the responsibility of the facility in which they practice.  Please verify the provider giving you services is a participating provider within your specific BlueCross BlueShield network based on the location of his/her office. It is your responsibility to verify your provider is participating in your specific network. For your convenience, your network name is reflected on the front of your member ID card.

Remember, you will receive the most cost efficient benefits when you use our health care network professionals and facilities

Page last modified:December 2, 2006